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This collection of songs was recorded in Wolverine, Michigan, over the course of one week in January 2015. When on the third day the access bridge flooded and iced over (with the propane tank soon to run out as well), the fireplace became an essential part of the session; you can hear the crackle sometimes as the songs fade in and out.


released June 16, 2015

The performances were captured live around a few microphones by Shane Leonard. Mixed and mastered by Kevin Ratterman at La La Land. Album artwork by Douglas Miller. Cherry Blossom photo by Amber Estes Thieneman. Design and layout by Russel Ihrig.

All songs performed are traditional except 8, 11, and 14. All songs arranged by Maiden Radio; "Cuckoo" arranged by Maiden Radio and Shane Leonard.


all rights reserved



Maiden Radio Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: Adieu False Heart
Adieu false heart, since we must part
May the joys of the world go with you
I've loved you long with a faithful heart
But I never anymore do I b'lieve you

My love is like the constant sun
From the east to the west it ranges
Yours is like unto the moon
It's every month it changes

When I lay down to take my rest
No scornful one to wake me
I'll go straight away unto the tomb
As soon as time can take me
Track Name: Little Annie Darlin'
Fair you well, my little Annie darlin'
Well I never expect to see you anymore

I'm a crossing that old piney mountain
Well I never expect to see you anymore

Go and rock and feed the baby candy
Well I never expect to see you anymore
Track Name: Sweet Sunny South
Take me back to the place where I first saw the light
To the sweet sunny south, take me home
Where the mockingbirds sing me to sleep every night
Oh why was I tempted to roam

Take me back to the place where the orange trees grow
To my plot in the evergreen shade
Where the flowers from river's green margins did grow
And spread their sweet scent through the glade

Take me back let me see what is left that I knew
Could it be that the old house is gone?
Dear friends from childhood indeed must be few
And I must face death all alone

Still the path to our cottage they say has grown green
And the place is quite lonesome around
And I know that the smiles and the forms I have seen
Now lie in the cold mossy ground
Track Name: Green Icy Mountain
I'm going across that green, icy mountain
If I don't take sick and die

I'm going to see my lover
If I don't take sick and die

He told me that he did love me
And he would until he died

He threw his loving arms around me
Like a grapevine 'round a gum
Track Name: Charlie's Neat
Charlie's neat and Charlie's sweet
And Charlie he's a dandy
Charlie, he's a magic man
Who feeds the girls on candy

I met him on one Sunday morning
Humming sweet and low
When I met his champagne eyes
They never let me go

He touched my cheek and whispered softly
"Oh this life ain't long
Winter's coming, I will warm you
When you miss the sun"

Take him home, he can't stay long
He'll keep you with his charm
One bright morning you will find
A new girl on his arm

Charlie's neat and Charlie's sweet
And Charlie he's a dandy
Darling, if you see him leave him
He will leave you lonely
Track Name: Cuckoo
Oh the cuckoo, she's a pretty bird
And she warbles as she flies
And she never hollers "cuckoo"
Till the fourth day of July

Gonna build me a log cabin
On a mountain so high
So I can see Willie
When he goes riding by

Little birdie, little birdie
Come and sing me your song
It's a short time for to stay here
And a long time to be gone

Well my horses, they ain't hungry
And they won't eat your hay
So I'll ride on a little further
And they'll eat on the way
Track Name: Poor Orphan Child
My feet they are sore and my limbs they are weary
Long is the way and the mountains are wide
Soon will a twilight close moonless and dreary
Over the path of the poor orphan child

Why did they send me so far and so lonely
Up where the moores spread and gray rocks are piled
Men are hard-hearted and kind angels only
Watched o’er the steps of the poor orphan child

Yet distant and soft the night breeze is blowing
Clouds there are none and stars gleam high
God in his mercy protection is showing
Comfort and hope to the poor orphan child

Even should I fall or the broken bridge passing
Or stray in the marshes, by false light beguiled
Still will my father with promise and blessing
Take to his bosom the poor orphan child

There is a thought that for strength avail me
Thou’ll both have shelter and kindred despair
Heaven is a home and rest will not fail me
God is a friend to the poor orphan child
Track Name: Wolvering
Blue eyes come inside
Out from 'neath the weather
Out from the cold and the chill

Down by the fireside
We can sing a song together
I'll keep you warm if you're willing

See how the moonlight shows
Your path to my doorway
A path to a world that cannot reach us

Lord I pray for snow
To fall and hide us away
Recite the words that will keep us
Track Name: I'm Leaving You
I'm leaving you this lonesome song
'Cause I'll be gone long gone some day 'fore long

I hear a train coming down the line
When I leave I know you'll be behind

Now don't you cry when I am gone
When I hear your name I think of home
Track Name: East Virginia Blues
I was born in East Virginia
North Carolina I did go
There I met a fair young maiden
But her name I did not know

Her hair was dark and curly
And her cheeks were rosy red
On her breast she wore a white lilly
Oh the tears that I have shed

Papa says I must not marry
Mama says you'll never do
Little girl, if you are willing
I will run away with you

When I'm asleep I'm dreaming about you
When I'm awake I have no rest
Every moment feels like an hour
Oh the pain flows through my breast

I'd rather be in some dark hollow
Where the sun don't ever shine
For you to be some other man's darlin'
When you ain't no longer mine

I'd rather be dead in my coffin
My pale face turned towards the sun
Than to think you loved another
When you promised to be mine
Track Name: Dawn Chorus
However the night may wander
And hardened be your heart,
The morning breaks
And softly wakes
The chorus to the dawn
Track Name: You Are My Flower
You are my flower
That's blooming in the mountains for me
You are my flower
That's blooming there for me

The grass is just as green
The sky is just as blue
The day is just as bright
The birds are singing too

The air is just as pure
The sunlight just as free
And nature seems to say
It's all for you and me

When summertime has passed
And snow begins to fall
We'll sing this song
And say to one and all
Track Name: No More Crying
Go to bed, rest you head
"It'll be gone by the morning," she said
No more crying, no more tears
You'll be safe while I am here

Two babes, hand in hand
Braided hair with the salt and sand
Knees scraped on the soured land
Others gave their warnings

Two babes on rocks they went
Setting out while the storm came in
Lured by the ocean wind
From the foam's a-calling

Just beneath the water's edge
With gleaming eyes and hands outstretched
Come with me child, I'll take you where
You can dream forever
Track Name: Will You Miss Me
When death shall close these eyelids
And my heart shall cease to beat
And they lay me down to rest
'Neath some flowery boundary tree

Will you miss me when I'm gone?

Perhaps you'll plant a flower
On my poor, unworthy grave
And come sit along beside me
When the roses nod and wave

Will you miss me when I'm gone?

One sweet thought my soul shall carry
When this fleeting life has flown
This sweet thought shall cheer when dying
You will miss me when I'm gone

Will you miss me when I'm gone?

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